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Lesson 49 – Exercises

A (to B ,C): Mwava ddi ewammwe? (When did you come from your place?)
B,C (to A): Twava ewaffe mu mwezi ogwayise. (We came from our place a month ago.)
A (to B,C): Mwatuuka ddi wano? (When did you arrive here?)
B,C (to A): Twatuuka wano mu wiiki eyayise. (We arrived here last week.)
A (to B,C): Mwatandika ddi okuyiga Oluganda? (When did you start learning Luganda?)
B,C (to A): Twatandika okuyiga Oluganda mu wiiki bbiri eziyise. (We started to learn Luganda two weeks ago.)

A: Nancy ne Flavia baava ddi ewaabwe? (When did Nancy and Flavia come from their place.)
B: Baava ewaabwe mu mwezi ogwayita. (They came from their place a month ago.)
A: Baatuuka ddi wano? (When did they arrive here?)
B: Baatuuka wano wiiki eyayise. (They arrived last week.)
A: Baatandika ddi okuyiga Oluganda? (When did they start learning Luganda?)
B: Baatandika okuyiga Oluganda mu wiiki bbiri eziyise. (They started learning Luganda two weeks ago.)