About Us!

This is site is about making available and improving resources related to learning Luganda, a language widely used in Uganda – spoken by more than half its 36 million citizens. For the visitor, the ability to converse even a few words in Luganda will surely warm the hearts of the local people and it improve the pleasure of exploring deep into the culture of this most interesting corner of the world.

The persons related to the creation of this website have moreover formed a group called “Luganda Translation Collaborators” (see our Facebook group) with the purpose of improving translation skills between English and Luganda but moreover with a higher aim of sharing stories, articles and text that have a sound moral bearing so to reach out to more of the children and youth of Luganda. In this way, these resources hopefully will enrich this younger generation hopefully to be more service-oriented and to create more confident and articulate individuals who will a benefit the community.

In developing these activities, the Luganda Translation Collaborators seek to enlarge its group so share in a wider circle of experience and work.

For those who have benefited from the website and/or see the benefits that site gives to the community may be moved to make a donation to the group’s efforts. This can be done by sending (such as by http:worldremit.com) your donation to +256-772-220109 (John Anglin - mobile money enabled)