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Lesson 44 – Exercises

A: Yagolokose essaawa mmeka? (When did he wake up?)
B: Simanyi. (I don’t know.)
A: Mubuuze. (Ask him.)
B: Wagolokose essaawa mmeka? (When did you wake up?)
C: Leero nagolokose essaawa emu. (Today, I woke up at 7.)

A to B,C: Leero mwalidde ekyenkya essaawa bbiri? (Today did you [pl.] eat breakfast at 8?)
B,C to A: Leero tetwalidde ekyenkya essaawa bbiri. (Today, we didn’t eat breakfast at 8.)
A to B,C: Temwalidde essaawa biri? (Didn't you [pl.] eat at 8?)
B,C to A: Nedda, leero twalidde ekyenkya essaawa ssatu n’ekitundu. (No, today we ate breakfast at half-past 9.)