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Lesson 43 – Near past indicative affirmative

Leero wagolokose essaawa mmeka ez'oku makya?
(Today, what time did you wake up in the morning?)
Leero, nagolokose essawa ssatu ez'oku makya.
(Today, I woke up at 9 in the morning.)
Leero, nayambadde essawa ssatu n’ekitundu ez'oku makya.
(Today, I got dressed at half past 9 in the morning.)
Leero, nalidde ekyenkya essawa nnya ez'oku makya.
(Today, I ate breakfast at 10 in the morning.)
Leero, nagenze mu kibiina essawa nnya n’ekitundu ez'oku makya.
(Today, I went to class at half past 10 in the morning.)
Leero, nazzeyo eka essawa mukaaga ez’omu ttuntu.
(Today, I returned home at 12 noon.)
Leero, nalidde ekyemisana essawa mukaaga n’ekitundu ez’omu ttuntu.
(Today, I ate lunch at half past 12 noon.)