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Lesson 35 – ‘To have’ affirmative and negative

Olina nsawo? (Do you have a bag?)
Sirina nsawo. (I don’t have a bag.)

Mulina abaana? (Do you have children?)
Tetulina baana. (We don’t have children.)

Balina ensimbi ezimala? (Do they have enough funds?)
Tebalina nsimbi zimala. (They don’t have enough funds.)

Olina empeta zange? (Do you have my rings?)
Sirina mpeta zo. (I don’t have your rings.)

Balina empapula zo ezi ku tambuza? (Do they have your traveling documents?).
Nedda, tebalina empapula zange ezi tambuza. (No, they don’t have my traveling documents.)