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Lesson 33 – Exercises

Balya ekyemisana. Balidde ekyemisana? Balidde ekyemisana.
(They are eating lunch.) (Have they eaten lunch?) (They have eaten lunch.)
Badda mu kibiina. Bazzeyo mu kubiina? Bazzeyo mu kubiina.
(They are returning to class.) (Have they returned to class?) (They returned to class. )
Bazannya. Bazannye? Bazannye.
(They are playing.) (Have they been playing?) (They have been playing.)
Bawummula. Bawummudde? Bawummudde.
(They are resting.) (Have they been resting?) (They have been resting.)
Balya ekyeggulo. Balidde ekyeggulo? Balidde ekyeggulo.
(They are eating supper.) (Have they eaten supper?) (They have eaten supper.)
Banaaba. Banaabye? Banaabye.
(They are bathing.) (Have they bathed?) (They have bathed.)
Beebaka. Beebase? Beebase.
(They are falling asleep.) (Are they sleeping?) (They are sleeping.)