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Lesson 71 – Exercises

Alintuma okubalaba. (She will send me to greet you[.pl].)
Antumye okubalaba. (She sent me to greet you.)
Ndimugamba ntya? ([Should I see her] What will I tell her?)
Nnaamugamba ntya? (What shall I tell her?)
Aligenda mu nnimiro. (He will go to the garden.)
Agenze mu nnimiro. (He has gone to the garden.)
Alikomawo ddi? (When will he come back?)
Anaakomawo ddi? (When shall he be coming back?)
Ndisomesa Gayaza ku ssomero. (I will teach at Gayaza.)
Nsomesa Gayaza ku ssomero. (I teach at Gayaza.)
Ndigenda Jinja eyo. (I will go there to Jinja.)
Ŋŋenda Jinja eyo. (I am going there to Jinja.)