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Lesson 69 – Greetings and Rain

A: Munaffe kabuladda olabiseko? (Our long lost friend, is it really you?)
B: Eee. Ndabiseko. (Yea, it’s me)
A: Nga tusanyuse okulaba! (We’re so glad to see you!)
B: Nange. (I as well.)
A: Wuuu. Eradde? (Oh, is all peaceful?)
B: Eradde. (All is peaceful.)
A: Mmm. Nyooge? (Really, is all truly peaceful?)
B: Nyooge. (All is truly peaceful.}
A: Bali batya? (How are they [at home]?)
B: Gye bali. (They are there [okay].)
A: Iii! Banaffe, nga mubuze! (Well, dear friends, how lost[/absent] you have been!)
B: Eee, tubuze, tuli eyo ewaffe. (Truly, we have been lost[/absent], we are there at home.)
A: Omukyala ali atya? (How is madame?)
B: Omukyala gy'ali; antumye okubalaba. (She’s there [okay]; she sends you her greetings.)
A: Ali atya? (How is she?)
B: Gy'ali. (She’s there [okay].)
A: Ate abaana? (And the children?)
B: Abaana gye bali balungi. (They are there doing well.)
A: Iii! Banaffe! (Well! Dear friends!)
B: Muli mutya eno? (How are you [.pl] here?)
A: Tuli bulungi. (We are fine.)
B: Enkuba etonnya? (Is it raining [over at yours]?)
A: Etonnya n'ewaffe. (It’s raining at ours.)
B: Ooo! N'ewaffe etonnya. (Good! It’s raining at ours [as well].)