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Lesson 22 – Getting acquainted, personal possessives

Nnyabo, erinnya lyo gw’ani? (Madam, what is your name?)
Omwami oli, erinnya lye y’ani? (That gentleman there, what’s his name?)

erinnya , erinnya lyo , erinnya lyange (a name, your name, my name)
ekibuga , ekibuga kyo , ekibuga kyange (a town/city, your town, my town)
ensi , ensi yo , ensi yange (a land, your land, my land)

Tuning the Ear to Tonality
Kapa eri ku mmeeza. (The cat is on the table.) , Embwa eri wansi w'emmeeza. (The dog is under the table.) , Omukyala ali mu maaso g'emmeeza. (The lady is in front of the table.) , Omwami ali emabega w'emmeeza. (The gentleman is behind the table.) , Omulenzi ali ku mabbali w'emmeeza. (The boy is beside the table).

Building Vocabulary
Embeera y’obudde (the state of the weather) , Obudde (weather) , Obudde bwerudde (The weather has cleared up.), Obudde butadde. (The weather has cleared up.) , Obudde bulungi. (The weather is clear.), Enkuba etonnya. (It is raining.) , Enkuba ejja kutonnya. (It is going to rain.) or Enkuba eyagala kutonnya. (It is likely to rain.)