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Lesson 15 – Afternoon or evening greetings

A: Osiibye otya nno, Nyabo? (literally: How did you pass the day, Madam?)
B: Nasiibye bulungi (I have ‘passed’ well) or simply: Bulungi (I’m well)
A: Mmm or Eee
B: Nawe, osiibye otya nno, Ssebo? (And you, have you ‘passed’ well, Sir?)
A: Bulungi (I’m well)
B: Mmm
A: Mmm

More formal greetings, morning or evening, one adds “Nyabo/ Bannyabo” for the lady(ies) and for men; “Ssebo / Bassebo”. If “B” are many ladies, “A” would say: Musiibye mutya nno, bannyabo?

Tuning the Ear to Tonality
Omunnyo guli ludda wa? (Where is the salt?) , Guli ku mmeeza. (It’s on the table) , Guli wali. (It’s over there) , Guli wano. (It’s here.) , Guli mu ffumbiro. (It’s in the kitchen)

Building Vocabulary [lu/n - class]
Oluguudo. (A road.) , Enguudo. (Roads.) , Olwala (A fingernail) , Enjala (Fingernails) , Olugoye. (a cloth, a dress) , Engoye (clothes.)