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Lesson 14 – Morning greetings

A: Wasuze otya nno? (literally: How did you sleep? Or: Good morning)
B: Nasuze bulungi (I slept well) or simply: Bulungi (I’m well)
A: Mmm
B: Nawe, wasuze otya nno? (And you too, how did you sleep?)
A: Bulungi (I’m well)
B: Mmm Mmm very polite or Eee Eee not as polite
A: Mmm

If “B” are many people, “A” would say: Mwasuze mutya nno?

Tuning the Ear to Tonality
Eddagala liri ludda wa? (Where is the medicine?) Liri wano. (It’s here.), Liri wali. (It’s over there.), Liri mu kicopo. (It’s in the cup), Liri mu kamwa. (It’s in the month.)

Building Vocabulary[n/n - class]
Ensi eno. (This country.), Ensi zino. (These countries.) , Enkima eno myufu. (This red monkey.) , Enkima eza kyenvu. (These yellow monkeys.)