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Lesson 2 – What is his/her name?

omuntu ono (this person - pronounced: omunt(u)_ono)

Erinnya ly'omuntu ono y’ani? (What is the name of this person?)
Erinnya ly'omuntu ono ye John (This person’s name is John)

Erinnya ly'omuntu oyo y’ani? (What is the name of that person?)
Erinnya lye ye Kate (Her name is Kate)

Tuning the Ear to Tonality:
Note how words are read in Luganda, using the pronunciation of these familiar Uganda towns. The vowel breaks the syllable.
Note: the 'r' is pratically silent, emphasizing the following vowel. Lu.zi.(r)a (Luzira), (Kampala), Mba.le (Mbale) (Mukono)

Building Vocabulary
Olwokusooka , Olw’ebbalaza (Monday); Olwokubiri (Tuesday); Olwokusatu (Wednesday); Olwokuna (Thursday); Olwokutaano (Friday); Olwomukaaga (Saturday); Ssande (Sunday)

Omuntu (mu-ba)
.no (this) .yo (that)
.ye (his/her) .yo (your) .ange (my)