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Lesson 96 – The Girl Child

All the brothers of the mother of the child are his/her 'Kojjas'.
All the sisters of the mother of the child are his/her 'young' mothers.
All the wives to the brothers of the mother's are called 'wife of Kojja' eg. Muka wa Kojjange (My Kojja's wife)
All the children of Kojjas and Ssengas are "Kizibwe - Bakizibwe (.pl)". All other cousins are called brothers or sisters: "Baganda - Bannyina".

The girl child speaking...

Kitange [Taata wange] (my father - Just as the boy child)

Mmange [Maama wange] (my mother - Just as the boy child)

Muganda wange (my sister)  Mwannyinaze (my brother)  The naming of sibling's is reversed.

Muganda wo
(your sister)
Muganda we
(her sister)
Muganda waffe
(our sister)
Muganda wammwe
(your (pl.) sister)
Baganda baffe
(our sisters)
Muganda waabwe
(their sister)
Muganda [wa] Namukasa
(Namukasa's sister)
Bba mmange omuto
(Husband of my maternal aunt)
(Your Uncle (maternal))
(Her Uncle (maternal))
(Our Uncle (maternal))
(Their Uncle (maternal))
(My Aunt (paternal))
Bba Ssengange
(Husband to My Aunt (paternal))
Kizibwe wange
(My cousin (from Kojja or Ssenga))
Bakizibwe bange
(My cousins (from Kojja or Ssenga))