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Lesson 95 – Boy’s Mother and her Parents and Siblings

All the husbands to the sisters of the child's mother are his/her 'fathers'
All the sisters of the mother of the child are his/her ['young'] mothers.
All the brothers of the mother of the child are his/her 'kojjas'.

Mmange omuto
my aunt (maternal) ('my young mother')
Maama wo omuto (more polite expression)
(your maternal aunt)
Nnyina omuto
(his aunt (maternal))
Nnyina wa Mukasa omuto
Mukasa's aunt (Mukasa's mother’s sister)
Kitange omuto
(my uncle (paternal) ('my young father'))
Kitaawo omuto
(your uncle)
Kitaawe omuto
(his/her uncle)
Kitaawe wa Mukasa omuto
(Mukasa's uncle)
Jjajja Omusajja
Jjajjange omusajja
(my grandfather)
Jjajja Omukazi
Jjajjange omukazi
(my grandmother)
Muzzukulu waffe
(our grandchild)