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Lesson 93 – Compound Adjectives

B: Maama, bagamba nti ova mu Amerika! (Madame, they say that you come from America.)
A: Yee ssebo, nva mu Amerika. Mmaze yo emyaka ng'ena nga nsoma. (Yes, sir, I come from America. I have spent about four years there studying.)
B: Emyaka ena gyonna? (Four whole years?)
A: Eee. (Yes)
B: Iii! Obadde olya ki mu Amerika? (Oh! What have you been eating in America?)
A: Mbadde ndya mmere gye balina. (I have been eating the food that they have.)
B: Bagamba nti tebalina matooke. (They say that they don't have matooke.)
A: Amatooke tebagalina. Naye balina emmere nkumu endala nnyingi, nnyingi nnyo! (They do not have matooke. But they have lots and lots of other food.)
B: Esinga amatooke? (Is it better than matooke?)
A: Teri kisinga matooke. Naye balina obummonde n'omuceere. Balya nnyo nnyo n'ennyama. (Nothing is better than matooke. But, they have Irish potatoes and rice. And they eat a lot of meat.)
B: Ee, nnyama, nnyama ya ki? (I see, What kind of meat?)
A: Ey'ente n'ey'embizzi n'ey'enkoko. Kwegamba ennyama eya buli ngeri. Ka ŋŋambe bwe ntyo okuggyako obummonde n'omuceere. (Beef, pork and chicken. That is to say, all kinds of meat. Let me put it that way except the small potatoes and rice.)
B: Mmm, mmere ki endala gye balina okuggyako obummonde n'omuceere? (Mmm. What other kind of food do they have apart from the Irish potatoes and rice?)
A: Emmere endala ... nva okusinga. (Other food ... they have mainly stews.)
B: Nva ki? (What kind of stews)
A: Nga ze tulina wano ewaffe kumpi: emboga, ennyaanya, 'carrots', 'turnips' n'enva endala. (Almost like those we have here at home: cabbages, tomatoes, carrots, turnips and others.)
B: Byonna bya Luzungu? (All of them are in English?)
A: Byonna bya Luzungu. (All of them are in English.)
B: Mmm. (Alright.)
A: Mmm.