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Download the latest Opencards app at

1. It comes with no usual setup file. As it is a Java application, it simply needs an up-to-date Java Runtime environment. Go to Oracle Java Runtime Download Page

2. Once the Java Runtime environment is installed and active, extract the opencards-2.5.1-windows zip folder to any convenient location - (for windows) It's recommended to go to your c:\Program files\ folder, then run the OpenCards application file.

3. Completing the above, one should have a folder in your personal folders named ".opencards". If you can't see, change the folder view options to see hidden folders (those that begin with a ".").

4. All Powerpoint files placed in this folder will be seen by the OpenCards application.

Note: Using Libreoffice Impress to established .ppt files leads to, in Opencards, a non-valid ppt file: giving the messaga "Contains no valid flashcards" - despite that it's not corrupted in Libreoffice or Powerpoint. Best to stick with Powerpoint app only.